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Urban farming at its best!

We provide an organic vegetable farm
right outside your door, customized to your family's
size and dining choices.
We do the work, you enjoy the healthful harvest!

The farmer comes to you, within the Portland area. Pioneered in March of 2006, Your Backyard Farmer is an innovative approach to community supported agriculture through urban backyard farming. We create small sustainable organic method farms at your backdoor & provide fresh, in-season produce from
your farm to your backdoor.
Interested in having your own farm? Email us.

We are now accepting farms for the season


Winner of 16th
Annual BEST Awards

Sustainable Food Systems
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2018 Community Classes

Portland Nursery

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...If not locally produced, then organic. If not organic, then family farm. If not family farm, then local business. If not local business, then fair trade
Locavore pledge

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